Deviance! at club Privata


Let your freak flag fly... Deviance! is a party for everyone.

It blends people from the kinky, poly, swinger, queer, trans, and fetish communities. Deviance! is a safe place where you can let your hair down and your kinks and fetishes out! 

There are three open areas for socializing, a semi-private, well equipped "dungeon" for BDSM play, a large group play bed with overhead bondage points, an 18ft rope suspension point over the dance floor, a private couples only lounge area for couples and their partners, as well as plenty of completely private or open spaces for your sexual and kinky explorations. 

Deviance! features a full bar, dinner buffet, showers, lockers, and private and public play rooms with clean sheets and safer sex supplies. As this party blends people from different circles who may have different desires for their evening's experience, we have established a set of rules designed to help everyone have an enjoyable time. These rules may be different from other parties you attend, either here at Club Privata or elsewhere, so please take a moment to read them.

Deviance! night participants are not required to be a member or Club Privata.

Please sign the waiver before attending.

Deviance WAiver
Safety First

At Club Privata, the enjoyment, privacy and security of our guests are always our primary focus. In order to maintain this exciting, safe, and secure atmosphere, it is imperative that our club members share in these same club priorities at all times.   In essence; respect the privacy of other members, do not touch unless invited, and be respectful at all times. Our entire staff takes great pride in the sexy, safe, and inviting atmosphere of Club Privata. 

Club Rules

Please take a moment to fully read and understand all club rules prior to your visit.  For the privacy and enjoyment of all guests, please expect these club rules to be strictly enforced.

No Cell Phone Use. Period
No weapons of any kind are allowed
Ask Before You Touch - Ask Once and Only Once
No Means NO
Do Not Stalk People
Treat Everyone with Dignity and Respect
Do Not Open Closed Doors or Curtains
Do Not Interrupt Others
Do Not Be Creepy or make other members uncomfortable by your actions
Do Not Masturbate Outside Play Areas
Clean Up Your Own Mess
No photography or video taping is allowed
No E cigarettes
Use Common Sense!

Your Privacy

At Club Privata, we understand the need for discretion and privacy, and we take this responsibility as one of our highest priorities.  Please take a moment to read these important details regarding club membership.

Membership applications must be completed by each person requesting membership or guest entrance. Each person must disclose his or her true and legal identity upon making application for Club Privata membership.  This information is kept confidential and is not shared with any outside party unless there is a legally compelling reason to provide such information to an agency that makes a legal request.

While we understand that some may not wish to disclose their legal identification, we will not grant membership or access to those who refuse to provide this information.

Your true identity is used to provide protection to all members, and in turn provides a level of additional privacy and protection for yourself.  We maintain your true name, date of birth, and identification number on file.  This information may be used from time to time to run our membership base against public predatory sex offenders databases, to help ensure that Club Privata is free from registered sexual predators.  Additional use of true identity assists us in ensuring that those who are banned from Club Privata for any reason do not have a reasonable way to re-join under a different name.

Membership Questions

Before you come for your first visit to Club Privata please fill out the online waiver found on our membership page.

On your first visit remember to bring in your picture ID and set a little time aside to review the membership option you want to purchase. Your membership will be finalized once you come in and register on location at Club Privata.